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Jovvie by BizSwoop


by BizSwoop

Get up and running fast with Jovvie, the easiest way to run your online store in person.

Built to feel like a natural extension of WooCommerce, Jovvie’s intuitive interface, rich features, and stellar customer support will transform how you run your business.

  • Quick & easy set-up: Transform your laptop, tablet or phone into a point of sale, no custom hardware required.
  • Sync & go: Start taking orders in less than 5 minutes. No matter where you are, Jovvie will always be synced and ready to handle all aspects of your in-person sales.
  • Analytics & reports: Access powerful analytics and sales reporting from your WooCommerce dashboard. Gain insights into your customer’s behaviors and make informed decisions that grow your business.

In collaboration with Guildenberg

Guildenberg helps WordPress-focused product companies grow, work well with other products, and partner with your hosting provider to bring you their best offers.