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DXP ToolKit by Crowd Favorite

DXP ToolKit

by Crowd Favorite

Dynamically personalize content based on audience segments, connect directly with analytics platforms, and increase user engagement with DXP ToolKit.

The ultimate solution for creating high-performing personalized marketing campaigns that convert!

  • Personalization tools: Create content as unique as your visitors. Customize based on user segments, geography, customer status, site analytics, and more.
  • No-code integrations: Connect to Hubspot, Convertkit, GA4 and WooCommerce.
  • Download, Sync, and Go! DXP ToolKit was created to seamlessly support how you work, integrating with your WordPress website and team workflows.

In collaboration with Guildenberg

Guildenberg helps WordPress-focused product companies grow, work well with other products, and partner with your hosting provider to bring you their best offers.