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Control HQ by Dollie

Control HQ

by Dollie

Control HQ is a true game-changer for any WordPress freelancer or agency.

Manage your sites & clients through one beautiful control panel built from the ground up to help you grow your revenue and save time. Instantly get notified of downtime, security issues, SEO problems, and more. Control HQ is the only dashboard you need to manage your day-to-day operations.

  • Manage unlimited sites: Manage all your sites from one dashboard. Keep them safe, optimized, and monitored 24/7, with instant Slack and email notifications when anything happens.
  • Client management: Add clients, their sites, and generate beautiful PDF reports in a few clicks.
  • AI assistant: Automate tasks, draft personalized client emails, and troubleshoot website issues. Choose from several AI personas, trained to handle common tasks to help you save time and money.

In collaboration with Guildenberg

Guildenberg helps WordPress-focused product companies grow, work well with other products, and partner with your hosting provider to bring you their best offers.